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 Who is Sasha
Height: 5’5
From: Fairfield, CA
Billed: Boston, Mass.
Born: January 26th, 1992
Sasha Banks started her wrestling career in Chaotic Wrestling promotion under the ring name Mercedes KV, where she trained. She made her in ring debut on October 1st, 2010 in an intergender tag match. After wrestling for Chaotic Wrestling for a little over a year, Sasha was able to capture her first independent championship after winning an “I Quit” match. She then continued her wrestling career in other wrestling promotions like New England Championship Wrestling and National Wrestling Promotion where she competed in various match ups. Sasha eventually took part in a WWE tryout which lead to her being signed in August 18th of 2012.   Read More
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Sasha Banks celebrates her NXT Women’s Title win: February 11,...
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NXT Takeover Rival Results: February 11, 2015
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Charlotte versus Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch versus Bayley  For the NXT Women Championship.

Bayley music hit’s and she makes her way to the ring looking exited, Next the Boss Sasha Banks music hits and she comes down to the ring looking fly as usual. After Bayley and Sasha made it to the ring Becky music hits and she comes to the ring fired up, After she makes it to the ring The NXT Women Champion Charlotte makes her way to the ring kinda looking worried.. I would too if I was in a fatal four way for my champion ship or should I say Sashas Champion ship.

Dig Dig Dig… The bell rings and They all began battling. Bayley and Charlotte went back and forth into the ring.  Charlotte was sent to the floor.  Becky and Sasha attacked her and tossed her into the ring apron where the LED lights are and “broke” the board by slamming her into it.  They hit the ring and began working over Bayley but argued over which of them were going to get the pin and the title.  Becky backed down to Sasha then grabbed her for a pumphandle suplex from behind.  Becky nailed a legdrop on Bayley for a two count.

They went back and forth and into a series of spots where everyone wiped someone out with their signature moves.  Charlotte was the last one standing but was sent into the corner shoulder-first and hit the ringpost.  Sasha set up Charlotte on the second buckle and Becky on the bottom, then drilled them both with double knees to the gut.  That was pretty creative.  Bayley returned to throw her with a big suplex, leaving her facing off with the champ.

Becky began nailing a series of running elbows in the corner on Charlotte.   Bayley placed her on the top and nailed a rana off the top.  Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly suplex but Lynch broke it up at the two count.  Bayley slammed her into the apron and hit a sliding dropkick under the buckles onto Becky.  Sasha hit a dive out of the ring onto each of them, leaving the champion in the ring with time to recover.   Charlotte nailed a slingshot pescado to the floor, wiping out everyone.

Back in the ring, Lynch nailed a suplex on Charlotte for a two count.  She placed Charlotte on the top but Bayley got involved and wiped out Lynch.  Charlotte was nailed with Bayley to belly from the top.  Bayley covered her but Sasha attacked her and covered the champ.  Charlotte kicked out at the last second.  Sasha locked on a crossface.  Charlotte tried to fight it to the ropes but was pulled back.  Sasha turned it onto a crucifix style pin and the exhausted champion was defeated. Congratulations Sasha we knew you could do it!

Winner and New NXT women champion: Sasha Banks (Source)

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NXT Results: January 28, 2015
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Match Number Three: Charlotte and Bayley versus Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks

Charlotte’s music hits and she comes out to the ring with her Championship, Nexe Bayley music hits and she come down to the ring. After Charlotte and Bayley makes to the ring The Boss Sasha banks music hits. Sasha and Becky comes out to together and get’s the crowd exited as they make it to the ring.

Dig Dig Dig… The bell rings and Bayley and Sasha start things off and they lock up. Sasha with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Bayley with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip but Bayley comes off the turnbuckles with an arm drag. Bayley has some trouble on the turnbuckles and Becky tags in and works on the back.

Becky with a forearm to the back and she tags Sasha back in. Charlotte tags in and he takes Sasha down and gets a Sydal rollup cover for a near fall. Becky makes the tag and chops Becky and hip tosses her and gets a near fall. Charlotte with a knee drop and a second knee drop but Bayley with an elbow drop and a sliding clothesline to Becky after making the tag.

Bayley with a baseball slide to Becky and Becky gets back into the ring but Sasha grabs Bayley by the hair and drops her on the ropes while the referee tries not to watch. Becky with a suplex and leg drops for a near fall.

Becky sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and tags Sasha back in. They hit a double back elbow and Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha mocks Bayley while standing on her hand. Bayley kicks Sasha but Sasha with a knee drop to the leg for a near fall. Becky tags back in and she kicks Bayley in the injured knee. Bayley blocks a suplex and hits a suplex of her own but she is unable to take advantage.

Charlotte and Sasha tag in and Charlotte with a clothesline and chop. Charlotte with a kick and a suplex set up into a neck breaker. Charlotte locks in the figure four leg lock and she bridges but Becky with a drop kick to break up the hold. Charlotte sends Becky ot the floor but Sasha with a knee and she hits Bankrupt for a near fall. Bayley breaks up the cover but she hits Charlotte in the process.

Charlotte pushes Bayley and Bayley hits Charlotte. Charlotte with a chop and forearm while the referee has no idea what to do. Sasha and Becky join in and the referee gives up on the match and he calls for the bell.

No Contest

Charlotte and Bayley remain in the ring and they go after each other until the officials get into the ring. (Source)

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NXT Results: January 21, 2015
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Match Number Two: Sasha Banks (with Becky Lynch) versus Charlotte for the NXT Womens’ Title

Sasha says something to Charlotte and Charlotte has something to say to Sasha. They lock up and go around the ring but Charlotte pushes Sasha away. They lock up again and they go down to the mat. Sasha with the advantage before they both get back to their feet. They lock up again and they go down to the mat to get an advantage. Sasha gets a series of near falls. They go through the ropes to the floor while locked up and then Charlotte with a forearm to the back.

Becky tries to interfere and Charlotte with a clothesline to Becky. Charlotte sends Sasha back into the ring and Charlotte with a slam and she drops a knee to the head for a near fall. Sasha with a Thesz Press and punches to Charlotte. Charlotte with a Thesz Press of her own and Becky gets in the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Charlotte (by disqualification)

After the match, Becky and Sasha attack Charlotte. Bayley comes to the ring and she forces Becky and Sasha out of the ring.

Bayley takes the belt from the referee and Charlotte wants her belt from her. Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex to Charlotte.

William Regal says there appears to be some issues. At Takeover, Charlotte will defend her Women’s Title against Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks in a Fatal Four Way Match.

Everyone but Sasha appears to be happy about this announcement. (Source)


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NXT Results: January 14, 2015
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Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs Charlotte & Nattie in a Tag Team match

Becky and Natalya start things off and they lock up and Natalya with a side head lock take down. Becky with a head scissors and Natalya escapes. Becky with a side head lock take down and Natalya with a head scissors. Natalya with a waist lock and rollup for a near fall. Natalya with a waist lock.

Becky with a forearm but Natalya fires back. Sasha checks on Becky on the floor and Charlotte and Natalya with baseball slides to Becky and Sasha. Natalya with a front face lock and Charlotte tags in for a double delayed vertical suplex and Charlotte gets a near fall. Charlotte with a slam and Natalya tags in and hits a wheelbarrow splash with help from Charlotte for a near fall.

Sasha tags in and Natalya with a side Russian leg sweep and then she runs over Sasha’s back for a drop kick and a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip and she puts Natalya’s legs in the ropes and hits a double knee drop to the midsection for a near fall. Sasha chokes Natalya in the ropes. Sasha gets a near fall.

Sasha with a Japanese stranglehold but Natalya gets to her feet and she snap mares Sasha. Charlotte tags in and she punches and chops Sasha. Sasha lands on her feet on a suplex attempt but Charlotte with a neck breaker for a near fall. Charlotte avoids a double clothesline. Natalya pulls Becky out of the ring and Sasha with a cross arm neck breaker for the three count.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

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NXT Results: January 1, 2015
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We are back and Charlotte makes her way to the ring and she is dressed to fight, but she is here to talk. Charlotte lets out a wooo before the first question can be asked. Charlotte is asked who is left. Charlotte tells the people to stop chanting while she is talking. She says NXT is her home and NXT is revolutionizing women’s wrestling. Sasha is the toughest diva she has ever faced, but she has beaten her twice.

Sasha’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring with Becky Lynch.

Sasha says Charlotte is right that she has beaten her twice. She says Charlotte is so smart. Sasha tells Charlotte she is going to get the beat down of her life.

Natalya’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring. Natalya and Charlotte hug in the ring while Sasha and Becky walk away. (Source)

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Main Event Results: December 30, 2014
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Match Number One: Sasha Banks versus Charlotte in a -Non Title Match

Sasha’s music hits and she comes down to the ring. Next Charlotte music hits and she comes down to the ring with her title. Dig Dig Dig.. The match begins. Sasha pushes Charlotte and Charlotte pushes back and hits a shoulder tackle before letting out a wooo. Sasha flips over Charlotte but Charlotte with an STO and rollup for a near fall. Charlotte with a kick and chop for a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip but Charlotte with a boot. Sasha puts Charlotte in the ropes and then hits a double knee drop to the midsection while Charlotte hangs on the middle rope and Sasha gets a near fall.

Sasha sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and she chokes Charlotte. Sasha with forearms to the back followed by a snap mare and a Flair strut before she kicks Charlotte and gets a near fall. Sasha with a cross arm lungblower and then she stretches Charlotte with her boot in Charlotte’s back.

Charlotte escapes the hold and hits a spinning side slam. Charlotte with forearms and clotheslines followed by a chop that sends Sasha to the mat. Sasha lands on her feet on a suplex attempt but Charlotte holds on for a neck breaker. Charlotte kicks Sasha and then she goes up top for a moonsault but Sasha moves. Charlotte lands on her feet and she hits a flip senton for a near fall.

Sasha sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and she hits a cross arm neck breaker for a near fall. Sasha picks up Charlotte and connects with knees to the midsection. Sasha goes for a wheelbarrow move but Charlotte with a front driver into Natural Selection for the three count.

Winner: Charlotte (Source)


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WWE Live Results: December 28, 2014
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Sasha Banks teamed up with Summer Rae & Cameron to take on Summer Rae, Natalya, Naomi, and Charlotte in a Six Diva Santa’s Little Helper match. Nattie locked in the sharpshooter on Summer and made her tap out to pick up the win.

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NXT Results: December 25, 2014
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Women’s Title: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Sasha is challenging
and this is a rematch from R-Evolution. She has Becky Lynch with her, so Charlotte comes out with her dad, Ric Flair. Ric looks sober tonight so this should be good. He says that he has two Hall of Fame rings (only wearing one here) but his daughter took the torch from him. Two weeks ago Sasha and Charlotte had one of the best matches ever (to Sasha: “Yeah I’m talking about you. You were great.”) and tonight they’re going to do it again. They slug it out to start with Sasha diving at the champ, only to get caught in something like a spinebuster. Charlotte goes after the knee by wrapping it around the post, only to get pulled face first into the steel.  We take a break and come back with Sasha in control and slapping Charlotte on the back. That’s not exactly the best offense. The announcers actually mention the “internet wrestling community” sending HHH a fruit basket as a thank you for R-Evolution. That’s such a cool story. Banks drives a knees into Charlotte’s ribs and puts on Bankrupt, only to have Charlotte fight to her feet and escape with something like a jawbreaker. She’s really good at using her athleticism to get out of things like that, which really isn’t something most of the other women can do. Charlotte fires off some chops and a neckbreaker but gets caught in a double arm neckbreaker (Regal Cutter) for two more. The Banks Statement goes on but it’s right next to the ropes. They fight up top with Banks nailing a nice superplex (Riley: “She’s straight gangsta!”), only to get caught in the Figure Four with the bridge to retain Charlotte’s title.

Winner: Charlotte

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NXT Takeover [R]Evolution Predictions
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WWE NXT Coaches make their predictions Sasha and Charlotte’s match tomorrow at NXT TakeOver [R]Evolution:
Jason Albert: That’s a tough one for me. Sasha claims that she taught Charlotte everything Charlotte knows. But has she taught her everything Sasha knows? I have doubted Sasha in the past, but then you see her with someone like Becky Lynch, and what she’s done for her, and you start to think maybe she did create Charlotte. I’m going to go with Sasha Banks. WINNER:Sasha Banks
Sara Amato: Sasha has a real mean streak, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes it, but of all the girls I’ve ever been in the ring with, Charlotte has a focus, determination and dedication that true champions have. I’m going with Charlotte. WINNER:Charlotte
Norman Smiley: I have the pleasure, at times, of working with the Divas, and in my opinion, Charlotte is one of the best athletes that we have in NXT, so I’m going to have to give the edge, physically and strength-wise, to her. However, Sasha is The Boss. She’s going to do whatever she can do, however, wherever, whenever, to pounce and become the NXT Women’s Champion. If I had to pick one, I’m going with the champion, Charlotte. WINNER:Charlotte
Charlotte: 2, Sasha Banks: 1

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