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Height: 5’5
From: Fairfield, CA
Billed: Boston, Mass.
Born: January 26th, 1992
Sasha Banks started her wrestling career in Chaotic Wrestling promotion under the ring name Mercedes KV, where she trained. She made her in ring debut on October 1st, 2010 in an intergender tag match. After wrestling for Chaotic Wrestling for a little over a year, Sasha was able to capture her first independent championship after winning an “I Quit” match. She then continued her wrestling career in other wrestling promotions like New England Championship Wrestling and National Wrestling Promotion where she competed in various match ups. Sasha eventually took part in a WWE tryout which lead to her being signed in August 18th of 2012.   Read More
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to sasha-banks.org! I am so honored to be apart of this website experience and help to make it grow, and become a popular Sasha fan site in the years to come! I am excited to bring my experience of working on fansites for almost over a year now to this site!

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NXT Results: April 22, 2015
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Sasha Banks stops in the locker room to congratulate Becky Lynch for winning but she doesn’t have a chance against her. Sasha tells Becky she made her, but Becky says she made herself. Sasha says she is a big deal.

Becky tells Sasha to save it for the ring. (Source)

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NXT Results: March 25, 2015
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Match Number One: Alexa Bliss versus Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Title

Alexa Bliss music hit’s and out she comes. Next NXT Women Champion comes out and her music is playing and she makes her way to the ring. Sasha has something to say to Alexa before the bell rings. Saying you don’t deserve this you really couldn’t here the rest of what she was saying. They start and Bliss with a drop toe hold and a near fall. Bliss with a crucifix driver and she gets a near fall. Bliss with an inside cradle for a near fall. Sasha with a knee to the midsection and she taunts Bliss. Bliss with an arm drag counter and a rollup for a near fall. Bliss with a drop kick for a near fall.

Banks with an Irish whip and Bliss tries to float over but Banks with a kick to the head and she punches Bliss and then stands on her hand. Banks with a snap mare and a running slap and she curtseys and gets a near fall. Banks with an Irish whip but Bliss with an elbow. Banks puts Bliss in the ropes and hits the double knee strike to the midsection and Banks gets a near fall.

Banks with a Japanese stranglehold and she arches Bliss back and puts her foot in Bliss’ back. Banks continues to taunt Bliss while she has Alexa in the submission hold. Banks alternates between having Bliss on her knees and having her foot in the back. Bliss tries for a rollup but Banks blocks it. Bliss with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Banks runs Bliss into the turnbuckles and connects with a shoulder. The referee warns Banks but Banks tries for a power bomb out of the corner and Bliss counters with a head scissors and then she sends Sasha to the floor.

The referee starts his count and Alexa goes to the floor to make sure that Sasha does not get counted out. Bliss with a Thesz Press and slap to Banks. Bliss with a flying forearm and a forearm. Bliss with a leg sweep and she hits a Glitz Flip for a near fall. Bliss misses a splash into the corner but Bliss hits a flip power bomb for a near fall.

Bliss goes up top but Banks with a forearm and she sends bliss to the mat and Sasha applies the Bank Statement and Bliss taps out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

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Elite status: Sasha Banks on her milestone win and being a role ...
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Sasha Banks’ NXT Women’s Championship victory at NXT TakeOver: Rival turned heads for more reasons than one. Some observers called The Boss’ defeat of Charlotte an upset, while others believed her title win was long overdue. Nonetheless, Banks has now reached elite status in NXT’s women’s division.

Following a successful title defense against the former champion Charlotte, Banks may have solidified the certainty of a long-term title reign. She talks to WWE.com about her milestone win, thoughts on past champions and her identity as a role model to young women and much more. As expected, The Boss pulls no punches, and you can most certainly “bank” on that.

WWE.COM: You did what many observers never expected to happen and that’s become NXT Women’s Champion. How do you feel about your accomplishment?

BANKS: I feel like it’s been a long time coming. Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve had this vision of me standing in the ring with a championship title held high above my head. Today, it’s not just a vision, it’s a reality. And no matter what happens in the future, that moment will live on forever in history and on WWE Network.

WWE.COM: You’ve come a long way from the shy, humble girl that started on NXT a couple years ago. Can you speak about how your attitude has changed from the day you started to now?

BANKS: I remember walking into NXT that first day. I was nervous and I was scared. All I wanted to do was win over every single fan that paid their hard-earned money to see me perform. I realize now that no matter how great you are or try to be, there will always be people who look down upon you. Whether its jealousy, envy, whatever. And that’s OK. I know where I’m headed, and they’re not going to drag me down.

WWE.COM: Some have described you as overly cocky and self-absorbed. How do you respond to those descriptions?

BANKS: People can think what they want of me. It’s all dust off my shoulder. At the end of the day, to succeed in this business, you have to believe that you’re the best to ever do it. You have to know in your heart that no one can outshine you. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

WWE.COM: After you defeated Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Rival, she offered to shake your hand. Rather than return the favor, you chose to shove her away from you. Why?

BANKS: That girl walks around with a chip on her shoulder. She thinks she deserves her accolades when she’s really been piggybacking off of her last name. Charlotte forgot everything I taught her while we were on the same team as the BFFs. In her warped mind, all you need is genetics to be successful. So when I shoved Charlotte, that shove represented a moment for all the true hard workers of the world, which obviously doesn’t include her.

WWE.COM: Seems like you lost your humility a bit …

BANKS: Hold on, people act as if I’ve had this attitude my whole time here at NXT. But they forget that during my first year, I was a humble dreamer. Where did that get me? Exactly!

WWE.COM: What separates you from the previous NXT Women’s Champions like Paige and, of course, Charlotte?

BANKS: Anyone can hang a title across their shoulder and call themselves a champion. Me? I’m a star. When I walk onto that stage, all eyes are on me because I shine brighter than they ever could. I’ve got the Superstar looks and the skills in the ring to back it up. That’s the difference.

WWE.COM: How would you describe the era of Sasha Banks as champion?

BANKS: If you look at it in historical terms, Paige was the first champion so her era was like an introduction into this higher level of female empowerment. Charlotte’s era was similar to what Brock Lesnar is now. Just a dominant, “It’s gonna take the world to take me down”-type of competitor. My era is bigger than that. I’m going to transcend boundaries. I’m aiming for an era that’s on par with The Rock. Sasha Banks will be a name that’s on everyone’s tongues, and not just fans of NXT. Bank on it.

WWE.COM: Do you see yourself as a role model to young girls at this stage?

BANKS: I believe I am. Bayley, for all her hugs and lovingness, can be a bit naive. I think that type of inspirational figure can leave girls a bit vulnerable in the real world. I’m showing young girls that to be a big deal in life, you have to be a big deal inside. You have to believe that nothing in this world is too farfetched, and if you want something bad enough, you can’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough to achieve it. In order to be a star, you have to walk, talk and act like a star.

WWE.COM: What have your past relationships with Charlotte, Summer Rae and Becky Lynch taught you?

BANKS: They showed me probably the most valuable lesson in the world. You can put your trust in people and rely on them to have your back, but at the end of the day, it’s you that is going to have to put in the time, the work and the sacrifice in order to succeed. After helping them all, each and every one of them stabbed me in the back. And look where that’s gotten them. I’m the NXT Women’s Champion, not them.

WWE.COM: Speaking of your title, what does your future hold as Champion?

BANKS: I’ve got the NXT Women’s Championship around my waist. That was the easy part. Now, it’s time to broaden the horizon. It’s time to show the world how big the NXT Universe is and how Sasha Banks is the brightest star in it. Then and only then will I set my sights on much bigger fish. Hey, WWE Divas, I hope you’re ready.

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NXT Results: March 18, 2015
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Match Number Three: Alexa Bliss versus Sasha Banks in a -Non Title Match

Sasha has something to say to the crowd about Alexa. Alexa with forearms and a drop toe hold and she slams Sasha’s head into the mat and she gets a near fall. Sasha with a knee to the midsection. Alexa with an elbow to the head but she charges into the corner and Alexa goes into the turnbuckles. Sasha kicks Alexa in the corner.

Sasha puts Alexa on the middle rope and she hits a double knee drop to the midsection and she gets a near fall. Sasha with a reverse chin lock. Alexa gets to her feet but Sasha holds on to the chin lock and turns it into a modified cobra clutch with her knee in Alexa’s back. Alexa with punches and forearms to Sasha.

Sasha misses a clothesline and Alexa with a flying forearm and a leg sweep. Alexa with a Bliss Flip for a near fall. Alexa misses a splash into the corner but she counters into a sunset flip for a near fall. Alexa with a drop kick and Sasha goes to the floor. Alexa with a dive onto Sasha but Sasha sends Alexa face first into the apron. Sasha tries to send Alexa into the ring post but Alexa is the one to send Sasha into the post. The referee continues his count and Alexa gets back in and since the count does not stop until both people get in, Sasha gets counted out.

Winner: Alexa Bliss (by count out) (Source)

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NXT Results: March 4, 2015
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Match Number Five: Sasha Banks versus Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Title

Sasha avoids Charlotte when Charlotte is ready to lock up. Sasha continues to avoid Charlotte. Sasha hides behind the referee and then Charlotte blocks a kick and she spins Sasha around and hits a forearm. Charlotte with chops but Sasha goes to the floor. Sasha takes her title belt and starts to walk to the back to get counted out.

Sasha walks up the ramp but Charlotte grabs Sasha and runs her into the apron and then sends her into the ring. Charlotte sends Sasha into the turnbuckles and then gets a near fall with a rollup. Charlotte with a knee to the midsection and she goes for the figure four leg lock. Charlotte tries to bridge to add more pressure but Sasha gets to the ropes.

Sasha rolls to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha sends Charlotte to the mat and she applies the Bank Statement but Charlotte leans back and gets a near fall. Sasha with a crucifix for a near fall. Charlotte gets Sasha on her shoulders but Sasha with elbows. Charlotte with a running backpack stunner and then Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault, but Sasha moves. Charlotte lands on her feet and Charlotte tries for a flip leg drop, but Sasha gets her knees up.

Sasha with boots to Charlotte and she taunts Charlotte before sending her to the mat and she stands on Charlotte’s back. Sasha sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and she chokes her in the corner with her boot. The referee warns Sasha. Sasha with forearms and then she puts Charlotte on the middle rope for the knee drop to the back.

Sasha with a bow and arrow to Charlotte using the ring post but she releases the hold before the referee can get to five. Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha with a Japanese Stranglehold into a lungblower and she holds on to the cross arm choke and she stretches Charlotte on her knees and then Sasha uses her leg for extra pressure.

Charlotte does not tap out as Sasha returns to putting Charlotte over her knees while holding on to the cross arm choke. Charlotte gets to her feet and she gets a near fall with a rollup. Sasha with a drop kick and she gets a near fall. Sasha with another lungblower into the Bank Statement and she pulls back to stretch Charlotte but Charlotte rolls through but Sasha holds on to the hold. Charlotte reaches for the ropes and she finally gets there.

Sasha charges at Charlotte but Charlotte sends Sasha to the floor and Charlotte takes some time to recover from the work done on her back. Sasha returns to the ring and Charlotte with forearms but Sasha with chops and forearms. Charlotte with a neck breaker and spear for a near fall.

Charlotte tries for a suplex but Sasha lands on her feet. Sasha with a victory roll driver out of a wheelbarrow for a near fall. Sasha mocks the Flair family and tries for a figure four but Charlotte kicks her away. Sasha with an elbow but Charlotte goes for the knee with a clip and she applies the figure four leg lock using the ring post but she releases the hold before the referee can get to five.

Charlotte goes for Natural Selection from the turnbuckles but Sasha holds on to the ropes. Sasha gets the three count and may have had her feet on the ropes for extra leverage that was not seen by the referee.

Winner: Sasha Banks (Source)

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NXT Results: February 18, 2015
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Match Number Three: Sasha Banks versus Leva “Blue Pants” Bates in a Non Title Match

Sasha banks music hit’s and she comes out with het championship with her legit Boss shirt on. Next blue pants music hit’s and she comes to the ring. Sasha doesn’t know what to think about the reaction to Leva. Sasha tells her to get out of her ring. Leva kicks Sasha through the ropes to the floor. Sasha yells at Leva and she returns to the ring and Leva with a drop toe hold and rollup for a near fall. Sasha punches Leva and slams her head into the mat. Sasha with a Jericho cover but the referee does not count because it was a choke.

Sasha with a surfboard but Leva with elbows and a backslide for a near fall. Sasha runs Leva into the turnbuckles and she puts Leva on the middle rope and she hits the double knee to the midsection and she pulls Leva up at two.

Sasha with the lungblower into the Bank Statement and Leva taps out.

Winner: Sasha Banks (Source)

After the match Sasha has a in ring segment. He says “Sasha what dose it finally feel like to be NXT Womens champion”? Sasha snatches the mic of his hand and says, What dose it mean? It means that everyone and I mean everyone including Becky, Bayley, and espically you Charlotte. Are going to halft to admit i’m the baddest diva in NXT. Sasha drops the mic and leaves the ring with her music playing.

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Sasha Banks celebrates her NXT Women’s Title win: February 11,...
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NXT Takeover Rival Results: February 11, 2015
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Charlotte versus Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch versus Bayley  For the NXT Women Championship.

Bayley music hit’s and she makes her way to the ring looking exited, Next the Boss Sasha Banks music hits and she comes down to the ring looking fly as usual. After Bayley and Sasha made it to the ring Becky music hits and she comes to the ring fired up, After she makes it to the ring The NXT Women Champion Charlotte makes her way to the ring kinda looking worried.. I would too if I was in a fatal four way for my champion ship or should I say Sashas Champion ship.

Dig Dig Dig… The bell rings and They all began battling. Bayley and Charlotte went back and forth into the ring.  Charlotte was sent to the floor.  Becky and Sasha attacked her and tossed her into the ring apron where the LED lights are and “broke” the board by slamming her into it.  They hit the ring and began working over Bayley but argued over which of them were going to get the pin and the title.  Becky backed down to Sasha then grabbed her for a pumphandle suplex from behind.  Becky nailed a legdrop on Bayley for a two count.

They went back and forth and into a series of spots where everyone wiped someone out with their signature moves.  Charlotte was the last one standing but was sent into the corner shoulder-first and hit the ringpost.  Sasha set up Charlotte on the second buckle and Becky on the bottom, then drilled them both with double knees to the gut.  That was pretty creative.  Bayley returned to throw her with a big suplex, leaving her facing off with the champ.

Becky began nailing a series of running elbows in the corner on Charlotte.   Bayley placed her on the top and nailed a rana off the top.  Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly suplex but Lynch broke it up at the two count.  Bayley slammed her into the apron and hit a sliding dropkick under the buckles onto Becky.  Sasha hit a dive out of the ring onto each of them, leaving the champion in the ring with time to recover.   Charlotte nailed a slingshot pescado to the floor, wiping out everyone.

Back in the ring, Lynch nailed a suplex on Charlotte for a two count.  She placed Charlotte on the top but Bayley got involved and wiped out Lynch.  Charlotte was nailed with Bayley to belly from the top.  Bayley covered her but Sasha attacked her and covered the champ.  Charlotte kicked out at the last second.  Sasha locked on a crossface.  Charlotte tried to fight it to the ropes but was pulled back.  Sasha turned it onto a crucifix style pin and the exhausted champion was defeated. Congratulations Sasha we knew you could do it!

Winner and New NXT women champion: Sasha Banks (Source)

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NXT Results: January 28, 2015
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Match Number Three: Charlotte and Bayley versus Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks

Charlotte’s music hits and she comes out to the ring with her Championship, Nexe Bayley music hits and she come down to the ring. After Charlotte and Bayley makes to the ring The Boss Sasha banks music hits. Sasha and Becky comes out to together and get’s the crowd exited as they make it to the ring.

Dig Dig Dig… The bell rings and Bayley and Sasha start things off and they lock up. Sasha with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Bayley with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip but Bayley comes off the turnbuckles with an arm drag. Bayley has some trouble on the turnbuckles and Becky tags in and works on the back.

Becky with a forearm to the back and she tags Sasha back in. Charlotte tags in and he takes Sasha down and gets a Sydal rollup cover for a near fall. Becky makes the tag and chops Becky and hip tosses her and gets a near fall. Charlotte with a knee drop and a second knee drop but Bayley with an elbow drop and a sliding clothesline to Becky after making the tag.

Bayley with a baseball slide to Becky and Becky gets back into the ring but Sasha grabs Bayley by the hair and drops her on the ropes while the referee tries not to watch. Becky with a suplex and leg drops for a near fall.

Becky sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and tags Sasha back in. They hit a double back elbow and Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha mocks Bayley while standing on her hand. Bayley kicks Sasha but Sasha with a knee drop to the leg for a near fall. Becky tags back in and she kicks Bayley in the injured knee. Bayley blocks a suplex and hits a suplex of her own but she is unable to take advantage.

Charlotte and Sasha tag in and Charlotte with a clothesline and chop. Charlotte with a kick and a suplex set up into a neck breaker. Charlotte locks in the figure four leg lock and she bridges but Becky with a drop kick to break up the hold. Charlotte sends Becky ot the floor but Sasha with a knee and she hits Bankrupt for a near fall. Bayley breaks up the cover but she hits Charlotte in the process.

Charlotte pushes Bayley and Bayley hits Charlotte. Charlotte with a chop and forearm while the referee has no idea what to do. Sasha and Becky join in and the referee gives up on the match and he calls for the bell.

No Contest

Charlotte and Bayley remain in the ring and they go after each other until the officials get into the ring. (Source)

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