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 Who is Sasha
Height: 5’5
From: Fairfield, CA
Billed: Boston, Mass.
Born: January 26th, 1992
Sasha Banks started her wrestling career in Chaotic Wrestling promotion under the ring name Mercedes KV, where she trained. She made her in ring debut on October 1st, 2010 in an intergender tag match. After wrestling for Chaotic Wrestling for a little over a year, Sasha was able to capture her first independent championship after winning an “I Quit” match. She then continued her wrestling career in other wrestling promotions like New England Championship Wrestling and National Wrestling Promotion where she competed in various match ups. Sasha eventually took part in a WWE tryout which lead to her being signed in August 18th of 2012.   Read More
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Date: Monday Nights
Show: Raw
Time: 8PM
Channel: USA Network 
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    SummerSlam 2017 Predictions
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    Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

    BILL APTER: BANK on champion Bliss to make her own STATEMENT and beat Sasha to retain her title.

    WINNER: Alexa Bliss

    TONY BENIGNO: In the same building Sasha Banks and Bayley tore down two years ago, The Boss wins one for The Hugger.

    WINNER: Sasha Banks

    RYAN PAPPOLLA: Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss’ reign with the title has been absolutely fitting of her “Goddess” moniker. However, The “Goddess” is about the meet The Boss, and The Boss is ‘bout to make Bank.

    WINNER: Sasha Banks

    SCOTT TAYLOR: Sasha Banks has shown an ability to come up big on the biggest of stages. The Boss will leave Brooklyn a four-time Raw Women’s Champion.

    WINNER: Sasha Banks


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    WrestleMania 31 predictions
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    Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (Triple Threat Match)
    Shawn Michaels: Because Naitch is in her corner and I don’t think he’s going to allow his daughter to lose at WrestleMania, I’m going with Charlotte. He’ll pull out all the stops to make sure Charlotte walks out with the gold, because gold is clearly pretty darn important in that family. WINNER: Charlotte

    Mick Foley: I really am a huge fan of these women, and watching Becky and Sasha is as close as I get to watching my own kids play soccer or basketball. It’ll be a nail-biter for sure, but I just have this image of The Boss with the championship held aloft in front of a sea of WWE fans in Dallas. WINNER: Sasha Banks

    Edge: This is the second toughest match of the night to call. My gut says Becky. My mind says Sasha. Either way, someone walks out as the new champion. WINNER: n/a

    Charlotte: 1, Sasha Banks: 1

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    SummerSlam 2015 predictions
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    PCB vs. Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D.

    @howardfinkel: The Divas division has been turned upside down since the arrival of some new blood, which you will certainly see in this match. I look for an amazing match to ensue this Sunday, with Team B.A.D. prevailing. Why? Why not! WINNERS: Team B.A.D.

    @joeystyles: As a longtime fan of women’s wrestling, I am loving the #DivasRevolution. I’ve also been a hardcore NXT fan since the “developmental” brand was re-launched by Triple H, so I’m familiar with the prowess of Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, who I’m picking to be the last team standing via submission. WINNERS: PCB

    Jeff Laboon: Team B.A.D. is the only trio without a former Divas Champion, but they’re also the most confident. Plus, they have on thing that neither team offers: Tamina. Good luck knocking her from the bout. WINNERS: Team B.A.D.

    Anthony Benigno: PCB, you’re awesome. The future lies with you. Team B.A.D., you’re every bit as tough as advertised. But the future ain’t now just yet. Team Bella rules the roost, and they’ll get the win to prove it on Sunday. WINNERS: Team Bella

    Ryan Pappolla: The young blood on Team B.A.D. and PCB will be yearning to prove themselves on this major stage so badly that it’s impossible to believe Twin Magic will produce successful results. I’m picking the team with the best female competitor on the planet: Sasha Banks. WINNERS: Team B.A.D.

    Team B.A.D.: 3, PCB: 1, Team Bella: 1

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    NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Predictions
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    Robbie Brookside: Who would ever bet against Sasha Banks? Pound-for-pound, she’s the best and most aggressive Superstar or Diva we have on our roster. However, being an Englishman and an admirer of the FA Cup, which brings surprises and upsets, you realize sometimes that the favorites do get beat. I think, out of all the matches, and knowing this is the biggest opportunity Becky Lynch has ever had, I wouldn’t bet against an upset. WINNER: Becky Lynch

    Sara Del Rey: This is so tough. My gut tells me Sasha, because she’s nasty. She’ll win by any means necessary. The NXT Women’s Championship has become the most prestigious title in women’s wrestling, possibly all of WWE. The women who have held it before her, Paige and Charlotte, brought it to another level. I think Sasha’s right on par with them. WINNER: Sasha Banks

    Norman Smiley: I’m a huge fan of Sasha Banks. She’s The Boss! I think that she’ll retain the title with fashion and style. WINNER: Sasha Banks

    Sasha Banks: 2, Becky Lynch: 1

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    NXT Takeover [R]Evolution Predictions
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    WWE NXT Coaches make their predictions Sasha and Charlotte’s match tomorrow at NXT TakeOver [R]Evolution:
    Jason Albert: That’s a tough one for me. Sasha claims that she taught Charlotte everything Charlotte knows. But has she taught her everything Sasha knows? I have doubted Sasha in the past, but then you see her with someone like Becky Lynch, and what she’s done for her, and you start to think maybe she did create Charlotte. I’m going to go with Sasha Banks. WINNER:Sasha Banks
    Sara Amato: Sasha has a real mean streak, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes it, but of all the girls I’ve ever been in the ring with, Charlotte has a focus, determination and dedication that true champions have. I’m going with Charlotte. WINNER:Charlotte
    Norman Smiley: I have the pleasure, at times, of working with the Divas, and in my opinion, Charlotte is one of the best athletes that we have in NXT, so I’m going to have to give the edge, physically and strength-wise, to her. However, Sasha is The Boss. She’s going to do whatever she can do, however, wherever, whenever, to pounce and become the NXT Women’s Champion. If I had to pick one, I’m going with the champion, Charlotte. WINNER:Charlotte
    Charlotte: 2, Sasha Banks: 1

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